Eight die at nursing home as Irma’s aftermath brings new hazards

Elsewhere, facilities lacking electricity tried to keep residents cool with dampened cloths and urged utilities to work quickly.

The heat index in southeast Florida overnight Tuesday into Wednesday was around 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 Celsius), unbearable for numerous residents of the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills. Causes of death have not been released for that person or any of the others who died at the facility.

“The loss of these individuals is a profound tragedy”, said a statement by the Florida Health Care Association, which represents 81% of Florida’s nursing centers.

More than half of Century Village, a large retirement community in Pembroke Pines, Florida, west of Hollywood, was still without power and under a boil-water advisory Wednesday. She also can’t raise the electric-powered hurricane shutters that cover her kitchen windows.

“I don’t know what to do”.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Johnson went to visit her friend in the hospital. He did not answer questions regarding whether a generator was running inside the place.

President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, were to visit Florida to survey the damage today.

Not counting the nursing home deaths, at least 17 people in Florida have died under Irma-related circumstances, and six more in SC and Georgia, many of them well after the storm had passed.

At least 32 people have died as a result of Irma in the U.S. There have been at least 43 deaths in the Caribbean.

The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills needed to be evacuated immediately. Jon says that “apparently, the facility lost some, but not all of its power after Hurricane Irma”.

Three patients were found dead at the nursing home early yesterday, and three more died at the hospital after more than 100 in all were evacuated, many on stretchers or in wheelchairs, authorities said.

Police are conducting a criminal investigation into the death of eight people in a nursing home in Hollywood, Florida. A seven-year-old girl in Lakeland, east of Tampa, died of carbon monoxide poisoning on Wednesday. Authorities performed safety checks on other facilities around the city Wednesday.

Johnson added that if Hibbard had been at home, she would’ve called 911 but since this was a nursing home she said she didn’t want to “overstep” and stayed out of their way.

Jack Michel, the sole person listed on the nursing home’s corporate registration in Florida, appears to have been accused of fraudulent activity in the past.

“That is a hard proposition”, she said. “But nobody from the facility has told me anything yet”.

“There are a number of critical patients”, Story said. The Broward County Medical Examiner announced the deaths of two more patients Wednesday afternoon. Hollywood officials say the city’s Fire Rescue was first called to the facility at 3 a.m. Wednesday for a report of a patient in cardiac arrest.

The governor’s office, however, claims this was not the case.

Nursing homes in Florida are required by law to file an emergency plan that includes evacuation plans for residents.

At another assisted-living facility near Miami, the manager said the building lost power Tuesday morning, well after the hurricane had passed.

The deaths in Hollywood were the grim realization of a nightmare many feared when power flickered out across Florida, a state with sweltering temperatures and a large population of elderly residents.

Josh Levy, the mayor of Hollywood, said he urged mayors and county commissioners across the state to urge residents to check on elderly neighbors in their communities. But they didn’t anticipate they would still have to fight the intense heat with fans and portable air conditioner units.

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