BTS: ‘Love Yourself: Her’ Album Stream & Download

According to a press release by BTS” team, “the video visually represents the lyrics “the two of us are connected fatefully from the beginning, and we’re together from DNA,’ through the change of scenes and crossover between virtual reality and the universe”.

The group dropped the video early Monday – which, thanks to their fan A.R.M.Y., already has 10 million views in just 7 hours.

Meanwhile, BTS’s new album will be featuring nine new tracks as well as two skits for a total of 11 tracks.

LOVE YOURSELF: “Her” is available now on Spotify and Apple Music while you can check out the “DNA” music video below.

Stream The Chainsmokers and BTS” new single “Best Of Me” as well their new album “Love Yourself: “Her“.

The leaked album contained the entire songs from their latest albums thus making the fans (BTS Army) furious.

Furthermore, album sales are still high throughout many Asian music markets, and K-pop albums are often focused less on the music held within the physical CD and more on the collectible packaging and bonus items.

Following the release of LOVE YOURSELF, “Her”, BTS will do a live broadcast, comeback special “Bangtan News” on Naver V app at 8PM KST.

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