Samsung says Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders highest among Note series

U.S. government confronts Apple on Face ID issue: iPhone X face ID feature went all wrong and now USA government is involved and is asking how the fault in the phone will affect privacy and security of the new iPhone.

Samsung has provided a little tidbit pertaining to the video recording capabilities of the Galaxy Note 8. With an audio jack, you don’t have to splurge for a new wireless headset and you won’t have to worry about any mechanical noise at all.

Probably one of the best features of the Galaxy Note 8 is its dual rear camera.

In China, the Note 8 is tasked with reviving fortunes in the world’s biggest smartphone market where local handset makers such as Huawei Technologies Co.

However, with a £999 price tag, and a release date of November, the iPhone X may not be the first choice for many Apple fans.

And you can charge the new iPhone by setting it on a pad without plugging in a cable.

Apple has remained tight-lipped on how much RAM the new iPhone packs, but the rumor mill reckons it’s 3 GB. Samsung Electronics hopes to release an SDK at the event that will hold on October to expand its third party interest. However, iPhone gate crashed its party with not one but three phones iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X.

In March, Samsung unveiled its flagship smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8+. The Galaxy Note 8 has a display that eclipses iPhone X’s 5.8-inch panel and is far brighter than the latter’s.

The iPhone X Edition is a attractive device, but whether it could be considered better looking than the Galaxy S8 or the Essential Phone is, well, up to you – beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

The fingerprint sensor has also been muscled off the front of both phones by the screen. If you are a cautious person, you will avoid this phone as well. If you are planning to buy the iPhone X, get used to the idea of using wired headphones with a lightning connector or carrying an adapter with you. The only difference now is that they’re all significantly cheaper than the iPhone 8. Tell us down in the comments. Most Android phones have already done this, which can be ironic if you remember that not long ago Android devices were the ones who adopted the Apple home button. The reason we are saying this is because Apple’s Face ID is capable of scanning the iPhone owner’s face from different angles so that it automatically unlocks once owners pick it up in their hands.

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