Coast Guard evacuates 99 people from US Virgin Islands

But the devastation may be even worse on St. Thomas, where aid has been slowed by destroyed infrastructure.

“That island and the people on that island have given us so much”, he said.

“Basically, life-saving commodities is what we are getting in there”, he said.

He also posted photos and video from the aftermath of Hurricane Irma on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. When they went to a port that is normally used for cruise ships, from where private charter boats were leaving for the US VI, officials told them not to board boats as they would not be allowed to land on the neighboring US territory unless they were American citizens.

In the U.S. Virgin Islands, damage was particularly widespread on St. John, an island of stunning natural beauty that is mostly national park surrounded by coral reefs.

But he said: “Communications has been hard, it isn’t easy to fly between the islands and it isn’t always easy for the governors or British staff to know who is left behind on which island”.

“Additional Red Cross resources are in transit for those impacted by Hurricane Irma, and more Red Cross staff and volunteers are on their way”. The water supply in Havana, the capital, was affected because of damage to the electrical system. “I’m trying to get my relatives to Puerto Rico now, it’s very worrying”, said Thomas. Regarding this humanitarian crisis, an account in the New York Times reports that 80 percent of area structures have been extensively damaged, and those who had not evacuated were huddling together in groups of up to 50 in buildings that now have no roofs.

The Conservative MP James Duddridge, who until previous year was a Foreign Office minister with responsibility for the Caribbean and British Overseas Territories, said: “It is absolutely essential we change these rules”.

The goal, Mapp said, will be “making sure folks know we’re here, we are rebuilding and that we should not be written off as. a place to vacation”.

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