How safe are drivers in your school zone — INTERACTIVE MAP

Parents walking their kids to San Francisco’s Bessie Carmichael Elementary School might not know they’re in the nation’s second-most risky county for distracted drivers, reports CBS News’ Carter Evans.

The study by Zendrive measured the phone use and aggressive driving of some four million drivers around 75,000 USA schools. The hours of 2 5 p.m. are the most risky. A school in Houston has the worst drivers, with campuses in Manhattan and Dallas rounding out the top five.

The study showed that roughly 88-percent of Americans use their phones while driving.

Roughly one in every 11 public schools in the within 500 feet of a roadway with heavy traffic.

According to Zendrive, afternoon pick-up is far more unsafe than morning drop-off.

“We put all this information into a very powerful map, where you can search by name any one of the 75,000 schools that we collected”, explained Jonathan Matus, the CEO of Zendrive.

“Michigan is the worst state in terms of distracted phone use and aggressive acceleration near school zones”, said Matus. A closer look at individual counties shows Denver ranked with an “F”.

Kennard’s school was among those used in the study.

So that’s something to keep in mind, even if you’re not picking up kids.

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