Leaked! Riya Sen’s Sex Scene From Ragini MMS Returns

The show features star cast like Riya Sen, Karishma Sharma, Nishant Malkani and Siddharth Gupta as lead actors. These are all the introductory phrase of the erotic-horror web series Ragini MMS Returns (2.2) Trailer.

After a raunchy first look, the teaser of a sequel to Pawan Kripalani’s 2011 horror film Ragini MMS, titled Ragini MMS Returns, has been released on Twitter.

The trailer is scheduled to be released soon. After taking online media by storm, Ragini MMS Returns’ trailer will redefine boldness and sensuality all over again! Both of the posters and leaked videos have already given a hint that the series will be as more horny and less scary. The show promises to bring the fear to your bed room. In the description of the trailer, they mentioned that “A college with a mysterious past”. Being one of the boldest digital shows to be unveiled on the Indian digital platform, it makes for a captivating binge watch which promises to tantalize and frighten you out of your wits. “Keep the door open, and pull your sheets close”.

While we have not been able to forget Rajkummar Rao from the first film and Sunny Leone in the second, Karishma Sharma and Riya Sen are sure to set your hearts racing while keeping you on the edge of your seats. The ghost likely distributing them periodically.

According to the media report, Riya had expressed her consent to do the steamy sex scenes with co-star Nishant before signing the web series, but the actress felt uncomfortable while performing the scenes. “I had reservations shooting for the intimate scene”.

Recently, Riya’s picture of kissing her husband Shivam Tiwari had also made headlines.

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