Telstra Develops SIM for Wearable Devices

Telstra has announced that it will commence E-SIM support with what it’s calling Telstra One Number.

Like it or not, the big news in tech today is the Apple launch and of particular interest is the new line of Apple Watch which uses embedded SIM card technology.

Telstra product innovation executive director, John Chambers, said the next-gen eSIM technology for wearables paves the way for a new generation of wearables with evolved designs and voice and data integration.

Telstra’s announcement doesn’t specifically namecheck the Apple Watch Series 3, and it’s quite feasible that it may bring the technology to other products, but that would seem to be the most obvious first candidate.

eSIMs are tiny, non-removable SIM cards – much smaller than a regular nano-SIM – that will connect the wearable and the handset to Telstra’s mobile network.

“Customers won’t have to worry about forgetting their phone, or taking it with them when they pop out to the shops or go for a jog – with Telstra One Number they’ll still be connected to [the] network via their wearable”.

“The initiative does not aim to replace all SIM cards in the field, but is instead created to help users connect multiple devices through the same subscription and will help mobile device manufacturers develop a new range of smaller, lighter mobile-connected devices that are better suited for wearable technology applications”, GSMA said at the time. Telstra hasn’t announced what pricing, if any it would attach to Telstra One Number, but it did state that it will at first be available for post-paid consumer plans, with business and pre-paid plan offerings to follow.

The eSIM specification has been backed by Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Huawei, Sony, and LG, along with chip makers, SIM makers, and telecommunications carriers.

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