Poundland hit with backlash over sale of ‘offensive’ candies

Poundland is under-fire for stocking chocolate-covered peanuts called Nutters that feature cross-eyed characters on the front of packets.

Amongst the critics is MP Norman Lamb, a tireless mental health campaigner, whose sister committed suicide in 2015 and son Archie, 29, has faced his own battles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Poundland was criticised today by North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb, for selling chocolates similar to M&Ms called Nutters.

Meanwhile a leading mental health charity told HuffPost UK such products risk “perpetuating exhausted stereotypes” and could undo positive steps made to reduce mental health stigma.

In Norwich’s Poundland store, on St Stephen’s Street, the candies were on sale and promoted at the tills.

“The product needs to be quickly withdrawn from sale and Poundland needs to apologise”.

Poundland said it listens to feedback and will “assess this line”.

“It’s unlikely they meant to make a gimmick out of mental health as the design is nearly identical for their ‘Choccers product’, though their poor choice of naming and packaging undoubtedly leaves a bad taste for many”, he said.

Dr Sophie Dix, Director of Research at mental health research charity MQ, added: “While we have seen a positive change in perception of mental health, promotion of products with offensive language and distressing imagery is a real step backwards for progress”.

In a statement Poundland said it was “saddened to hear that the item had caused offence” and will “assess this line”.

“If you just say nothing and just allow these products to be normal practice, it perpetuates a negative view of mental health – that there’s something weird and odd about you”.

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