New Champions Crowned At Tonight’s WWE SmackDown

This is The New Day’s fourth overall title reign in WWE, as they also held the RAW Tag Team Championship two times.

New Day was due an automatic rematch; however, The Usos were given the opportunity to choose the stipulation after picking up a win in a singles match.

The first big title match on this week’s SmackDown Live happened at the end of hour one as the Usos defended their tag team titles against the New Day in an epic SummerSlam rematch. It was a no DQ match (dubbed a “Sin City Street Fight”) that saw the Usos bring in a Kendo stick and whale on Big E at one point while Kofi Kingston was out of it on the outside of the ring.

Here’s how this whole thing got started.

Opinion: See you in the Cell boys. It’s not hard to figure out that it’s the only match left and there’s nothing wrong with that. The feud has been built up over the last few months and it would be a good way to blow the thing off.

With New Day prevailing, another rematch is a virtual certainty, and it could potentially be a historic one at Hell in a Cell if WWE decides to place the two teams inside one of the most risky structures in wrestling.

– The match has not bee confirmed by WWE but Baron Corbin mentioned on tonight’s WWE SmackDown that he will be facing WWE United States Champion AJ Styles in the US Title Open Challenge on next Tuesday’s show in Oakland, CA.

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