Force Motors gains after inking non-binding deal with Rolls Royce

The company has customers in more than 150 countries, including 400 airlines, 160 armed forces, 70 navies and more than 4,000 power and nuclear customers. The UK-based companyhas plans to build a 60m-long autonomous vessel, which would be capable of maintaining a range of 3,500 nautical miles with speeds going above 25 knots.

“It is a matter of great pride and satisfaction that Rolls Royce Power Systems has chose to partner with Force Motors for manufacture of engines for their rail and power generation systems”, Force Motors Managing Director Prasan Firodia said in a statement.

Rolls-Royce would introduce a suite of automation and asset management systems, including an equipment health monitor, tools for predictive and remote maintenance and energy management.

The new ship will use what Rolls-Royce calls the world’s first Intelligent Awareness System – a combination of Artificial Intelligence and multiple sensors – to operate autonomously. There would also be strict cyber security mechanisms to prevent cyber attacks.

“Such ships offer a way to deliver increased operational capability, reduce the risk to crew and cut both operating and building costs”.

The ship’s initial design includes Rolls-Royce’s full electric propulsion system, which would require fewer auxiliary solutions such as lubrication and cooling systems, while providing enhanced reliability levels compared to mechanical variants. It would have permanent magnet Azipull thrusters and a bow tunnel thruster.

Additionally, the ship is to be fitted with photovoltaic solar panels to generate power when in standby mode.

Numerous technologies to develop autonomous commercial vessels and naval ships already exist.

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