Deadly Hurricane Irma leaves the Caribbean as Hurricane Jose turns north

The youngest to die as a direct result of Hurricane Irma was 27-year-old Yolendis Castillo Martines, killed when a balcony fell off a building and onto the bus she was traveling in.

According to the latest official figures, Irma left 10 people dead and seven missing on the French islands, four dead on Dutch territories and six dead on British ones.

So far, the entire death toll from the natural disaster throughout the Caribbean has reached 36.

Almost a week after the unprecedented Category 5 hurricane first made landfall, the reopening of ports and improved weather meant aid was beginning to reach some of the islands wrecked by the storm as thousands of British holidaymakers awaited evacuation from some of the worst-hit areas.

Looting, gunshots and a lack of clean drinking water were reported on the French Caribbean territory of St. Martin, home to five-star resorts and a multimillion estate owned by President Donald Trump.

King Willem-Alexander visited the Dutch side of the island, St Maarten, on Monday as part of a tour of the region.

“We have had some help from the Americans but they of course have their own problems”.

Havana residents woke up Monday to a city still without power and some neighborhoods still under water.

St Martin/St Marteen is just one of several small islands flattened by the storm.

Ports in St. John, St. Thomas and elsewhere remained closed. Evacuees were told to expect long lines and no running water when they arrived at the airport.

Looting broke out on St. Martin, but France’s interior minister said Sunday that police on the ground had restored order. “You could put all the people back in Barbuda today … but then you’ll have a medical crisis on your hand”, Foreign Affairs Minister Charles Fernandez said. “I’ve seen a lot of war zones in my life, but I’ve never seen anything like this”.

French authorities said they gave priority to injured, sick and elderly people.

“We continue to work flat out to help the people who have suffered so much in the Caribbean, particularly of course in our overseas territories, in Anguilla, in the Turks and Caicos, and above all in the British Virgin Islands where there’s been massive devastation”, said Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

“We are continuing to deliver aid, including food and water, to where it is needed”.

Johnson added an effort was underway to restore access to wireless internet and electricity across the region.

On the British Virgin Islands (BVI), the United Kingdom overseas territory and offshore financial centre that was one of the hardest hit by Irma’s devastating winds, the archipelago’s premier said it would need a “comprehensive economic package” backed by London to recover.

The European Union has also committed to providing $2.4 million for emergency relief.

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