Branson shows damage on his private island hit by ‘full force’

Irma passed over the northern portion of the Caribbean island over the weekend.

There were 24 deaths attributed to Irma throughout the Caribbean.

Irma left a string of small Caribbean islands devastated, many of which are still assessing damage as they prepare for Hurricane Jose.

“Flooding was caused by hurricane force winds and rains all the way from Camaguey to Santa Clara in the middle of the country, reaching as far as Matanzas and Havana along the northwest coast”.

Holiday makers were moved to Varadero to stay in hotels built specially to withstand hurricanes.

“Millions of Floridians are being impacted by this storm, ” Florida Gov. Rick Scott said during a news conference September 10.

The hurricane killed at least 25 people earlier on its path across the Caribbean.

When the second-strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean made landfall in the USA territory of St. John on September 6, Cathríona Smith-along with her husband, Matt, 33, and their daughter, Vivienne, 2-crowded together with neighbors in a brick house to take shelter from the winds that slammed debris into buildings and tore roofs from homes.

The evacuation of USA citizens from the Dutch side – St Maarten – resumed today, according to State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert, after being suspended in anticipation of Hurricane Jose, which later veered off to the north. Priority is being given to those needing urgent medical care, she said. What do we know about Jose? “May our manifestations of love and solidarity be lasting signs in the midst of this crisis”.

Destroyer USS Farragut was already underway and has been ordered to join the group in the hurricane relief efforts, according to a news release.

After reviewing the aid operation underway at a British base in Barbados, Johnson defended his government’s response one of the most devastating storms ever to hit the Caribbean. “Donald Trump is headed to Florida, and now Emmanuel Macron will visit St Martin tomorrow”, she said. The U.S. embassy was pretty badly flooded and its fence was pushed over.

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. “There will be no restorations or solutions in days or weeks”.

While Britain’s government drew fi erce criticism for its inadequate preparation for Irma’s assaults on British possessions and former colonies, Cuba despatched 750 medical personnel to Antigua & Barbuda, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, Bahamas, Dominica and Haiti, confirming the socialist island’s internationalist credentials.

“It was enormous. There’s nothing that is comparable”. Field said. “We are Americans, too”.

The English billionaire uploaded a picture of himself in front of torn-down buildings and uprooted trees.

The Associated Press reported that Dutch King Willem-Alexander flew to St. Maarten, which shares the island with the French dependency of St. Martin, and toured the heavily damaged Princess Juliana International Airport that is named for his grandmother. Many residents had left town before the storm hit and all foreigners were urged to evacuate.

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