Alameda Point residents told to not drink tap water

Alameda city officials issued a two-day alert Tuesday evening warning residents in the Alameda Point neighborhood not to drink tap water.

Residents were advised not to drink water from faucets or use tap water to brush their teeth, wash dishes, bathe, cook or give to their pets.

The restrictions apply only to Alameda Point, where the water supply system relies on old Navy infrastructure and pipelines, according to an Alameda Police Department advisory.

Only people in the Alameda Point area, not the entirety of the island of Alameda, are being urged not to drink or use the water.

The East Bay Municipal Utility District found evidence of non-drinkable water in the drinking water system for the Alameda Point area.

EBMUD officials said late Tuesday a possible cross-contamination between a potable water drinking line and a non-potable water line used for irrigation spurred city staff to issue the alert.

Crews are now “flushing” to restore the water quality.

The city is offering bottled water to affected residents.

The utility district said they expect to have further information within 48 hours and will update the public as soon as they have more information.

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