NHC: Hurricane Jose not a concern to the US

– Over the weekend, Jose took a almost ideal WNW track to send swell to the Caribbean and East Coast.

That’s according to the National Hurricane Centre (NHC) in Miami which said this morning that “some slight weakening is forecast, and Jose could become a tropical storm by tonight”.

Jose is 435 miles from Grand Turk Island and 655 miles from San Juan, Puerto Rico. A Category 1 storm, Jose brought with it winds of about 105 miles per hour. The storm has weakened since the weekend, but is forecast to generally hold its current intensity (65kts) through the end of the workweek while making a slow clockwise loop. Beyond that, however, the storm’s future remained unclear.

No other tropical cyclone formation was expected during the next five days.

Any potential direct hit from Jose wouldn’t be until next week, however.

“It’s important to emphasize that there is a still a lot of computer model uncertainty on Jose’s next move but it still is a storm to watch for the US and Canada”, he said.

We aren’t now expecting to see any impacts from this storm into next week.

“Until Jose is farther along on its loop, the models are likely to have large errors,”says Jeff Masters, a meteorologist at Weather Underground“.

Another model takes the storm through the Bahamas before hitting Florida.

At 5 a.m. Tuesday, Hurricane Jose’s winds had dropped to 75 miles per hour from 105 at one pointMonday.

The remnants of Irma will actually help to steer the system this weekend, carving a path in the subtropical ridge that will make it easier for the storm to escape out to sea.

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