Miami police share picture of Hurricane Irma looters in jail

Police wrote: “Thinking about looting?” Ask these guys how that tuned out.

“Despite the acts of a few criminals and looters, the spirit of Miami is very, very strong.” added Commissioner Ken Russell “I’m very proud of the residents and businesses that have come together with such a positive attitude”.

Miami Police shared a photo of people in custody for looting during Hurricane Irma. Police announced more arrests on looting accusations.

Police in Florida have made several arrests of people looting during Hurricane Irma.

On Sunday night, Miami police took two people into custody and detained two others.

“Don’t do it”, said Miami Police deputy chief Luis Cabrera. “Curfew is 7pm-7am. As night sets in we’d like to remind you to be patient /stay indoors”.

Miami was spared the landfall of Irma (that happened in the Keys and then Marco Island on the southwestern coast), but the city did suffer damage.

One group of looters were caught on camera Sunday as they entered a back door to a Miami Foot Locker and exited with armloads of shoe boxes before hastily running to the getaway cars.

In another incident, a teenager was shot and another arrested, after they attempted to burglarize in a home in Weston, Florida, NBC 6 reported. South Florida law enforcement officials promised to police the streets to prevent looting, but with unsafe winds now pummeling the region, it’s not known if units are now on patrol.

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