Israeli justice minister: Independent Kurdistan would benefit Israel

She said that Syria’s President Hafez Assad must “keep Iran out if he wants to survive”.

“Israel needs to pressure world powers to not allow [Iran to establish a strong presence in Syria]”, Shaked told Herzliya’s International Institute on Counterterrorism Conference.

“It should take someone living in Jenin (a West Bank city) about an hour to get to Kfar Saba”, she said.

Employers who lose African migrant workers should replace them with Palestinians, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said on Monday.

Speaking to a crowd of academics, counter-terrorism experts and students from across the world, Shaked referred to the ongoing crisis involving migrants from Eritrea and Sudan, which some maintain are entering Israel as economic migrants, with others saying they are refugees.

According to report of Israeli daily Haaretz, Shaked said, “Israel as well as western states will have great benefits from the creation of a Kurdish state”.

Shaked gained an worldwide reputation for her controversial remarks against Palestinians.

Shaked is known for her position regarding the issue, as past year she made a similar call, in which she asked the Israeli government to openly express its support for the establishment of a Kurdish state, as she believes an independent Kurdistan would be friendly towards Israel and the Western powers.

“The global community should pressure the Palestinian Authority to remove inciting material from its education system”, she stated.

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