Destiny 2: Raid, Xur and More Events Dated In New Roadmap

Nobody knows exactly what Bungie has up their sleeve for this first Raid for Destiny 2, but we now know what level your character will need to be to complete the Raid.

Considering the game’s recent release 260-280 is a good level for those that’ve put a fair amount of time into the game, and will put them in decent stead for tackling this week’s Leviathan Raid. As for what Power level you need to be, that is now unknown, but will likely be confirmed before it goes live.

This means that it can be played from 7pm if you live in Europe, and either 10am PDT or 1pm EDT if you’re based in the US. Players will need to finish the campaign before leveling up factions, vendors, and finishing Milestones to help reach higher Power levels.

Other than the increased difficulty, the biggest challenge facing most players will be finding a team to play with. With Destiny 2’s first weekly reset comes a new Nightfall Strike, The Inverted Spire, a new Flashpoint (Nessus).

It’s quite possible that Bungie decided to make the first raid a bit more accessible to those who didn’t have the time to grind over 280, resulting in it being set one step lower.

Luke Smith discussed the theme and focus of the Raid to GameRant: “Raid 5, when we looked at it, it was about building a place you believe is real”.

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