Delta flight heads through outer bands of Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico

An airliner has challenged the hurricane Irma to go on the island of Puerto Rico a few hours before it is hit by the high winds.

The aircraft landed safely a few hours later at John F. Kennedy airport in NY.

With windspeeds on the ground picking up, the race was on to get a full flight to its destination on time. It landed safely at John F. Kennedy International Airport in NY about four hours later. “Guess the flight crew serves lunch now.?”

A picture of the flight board in the airport showed every other departing and arriving flight to and from San Juan Airport canceled, except for the lone Delta flight.

Aviation reporter Jason Rabinowitz tracked the tricky flight using FlightRadar24 and provided live commentary on Twitter. “Everyone else has turned around”.

@airlineflyer: Now DL302 has to climb out of SJU, and they’re doing so between the outer band of #Irma and the core of the storn.

Erik Snell, Vice President of Delta Operations and Customer Center, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in a statement, “Our meteorology team is the best in the business”. He says meteorologists for the Atlanta-based airline worked with the flight crew and agreed that it was safe to fly. A pretty impressive feat, though as Wired points out, what was most impressive was how quickly the crew in San Juan managed to turn the flight around.

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