Ancient tomb containing mummies discovered in Egypt

Mummies, sarcophagi, funerary masks, made of wood and elaborately painted, in good condition.

Several mummies from the 20th and 21st Dynasties were also found in the tomb, said MENA news agency.

Moustafa Waziri, head of the Egyptian mission and director-general of antiquities in Luxor, said the tomb’s entrance leads to a square room at the end of which there’s an inscription with the goldsmith’s name, as well as a base that holds two statues depicting the goldsmith and his wife, and the remains of a third small statue depicting their son. They were able to determine the woman died at the age of 50 and had cavities that led to abscesses in her jaw and a bacterial disease in her bones.

Excavations inside the tomb are ongoing, and more discoveries will likely be announced in the next month, El-Enany said. “Others have clearly reused this tomb and poked around in ancient times”.

There are indications that there are more finds to come in the immediate area. Forty of those cones bear the names of four officials whose tombs or sarcophagi have not been located yet.

As it turns out, the goldsmith’s tomb was discovered by following similar clues. Now, hot on the heels of that discovery, the Associated Press reports that workers in MI have unearthed bones that belonged to a male American mastodon that died between 10,000 and 12,000 years ago.

Youssef points out that this isn’t a particular earth-shattering discovery. In March, researchers uncovered a very big statue of pharaoh Psamtek I in the city of Cairo. It was discovered by Egyptian archeologists, something that a senior official at the Antiquities Ministry hailed as evidence of their growing professionalism and expertise. In April, the remains of an undiscovered pyramid were found in the Dahshur Necropolis and in May a cache of 17 non-royal mummies were found in Minya Province. “Until now we’ve only found 30 percent of the Egyptian monuments; 70 percent is still buried”. Its greatest value for modern Egypt lies in its potential to lure in new tourists who may visit to see the new discoveries.

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