Bike Cop Empties Hot Dog Vendor’s Wallet, and His Justification is Laughable

Police in Berkeley are facing backlash after video surfaced of an officer ticketing a hot dog vendor.

University of California at Berkeley students are petitioning to have an officer removed from his post after he allegedly removed a wallet full of money from a hotdog vendor because he was operating without a license.

Although Flores’ video shows the officer’s name, UC Berkeley police were not available to confirm the officer’s identity and years of service, and a UC Berkeley police records supervisor was not reachable Sunday for data about vendor citations on campus.

“You’re gonna take his hard-earned money?” Flores even told the cops that not too far away people were breaking the law by drinking on campus, but that they had chosen to go after someone trying to make an honest living.

At one point, Aranas remarks, “This is law and order in action”.

The amount confiscated in the seizure was $60, according to Berkeley news website “He doesn’t have a permit”, the officer responds.

Juan was the only vendor cited amid the crackdown, the television station reported.

Police told KTVU that the man’s money was booked into evidence after he was issued a citation.

UC Berkeley Police are now said to be investigating the incident.

Flores, a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and writer, continued sticking up for Juan, telling Aranas and his partner that they’re being unfair. Flores began a GoFundMe page to help Juan with legal fees, and in just a few days, it has garnered more than $30,000.

Video of the incident on Saturday outside of a football game led to an online fundraising campaign for the vendor that had raised more than $36,000 as of Monday.

Juan is a symbol of the injustice that takes place to street vendors”. “… We believe that our officers should focus on protecting our students and our community”.

Meanwhile, over 11,000 people have signed a petition calling for Aranas’ removal as of Monday morning.

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