YouTube stream-ripping site killed by RIAA suit

While the site now appears to still be online, it will shortly hand its domain over to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and be shut down.

These sorts of websites let users download audio and video files from YouTube and in their suit, the RIAA claimed that had around 60 million visitors and tens to hundreds of millions of illegal downloads per month. The site facilitated illicit stream-ripping for the masses.

The site’s domain will now be handed over to the RIAA.

The complaint filed by the California federal court accuses YouTube-MP3 of various types of copyright infringement, as well as bypassing YouTube’s copying protection mechanism. “The swift and successful conclusion of this case should send an unmistakable signal to the operators of similar sites”, he added.

Now, one year since YouTube-MP3 was taken to court, both parties have agreed to a settlement.

Almost half of young adults and teens ages 16 to 24 have used the website-which is said to be one of the world’s largest in regards to piracy-to rip music from YouTube for years, causing a decline in streaming revenue at RIAA-represented labels such as Sony Music, Capitol Records and Universal Music Group.

The action against was a joint effort by the U.S. and United Kingdom record industry trade bodies and the globally-focused International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry.

“This illegal site wasn’t just ripping streams, it was ripping off artists”, BPI chief executive Geoff Taylor said.

A year ago major labels UMG, Sony Music, Capitol Records, Atlantic and Warner Bros. took out a landmark lawsuit $57 million lawsuit against the German operator of the ripping site in a federal court in LA. But those pursuing that work disagree. According to ComScore data and the BPI’s maths, that decline in traffic to stream-ripping sites in general was 17%. “The firm action we have taken, led by our General Counsel Kiaron Whitehead and our Content Protection team, has made an impact in the United Kingdom, and we are determined to take further action as necessary against other stream-ripping sites to protect the rights of musicians and labels”.

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