What Hurricane Harvey says about risk, climate and resilience

“It is important for those in the path of the storm to focus on their safety as they deal with the potential impact of Hurricane Irma“, said Carlos Perez, SVP and Chief Credit Officer at Fannie Mae. “While there is an understandable temptation to provide public funds to houses of worship in the aftermath of a natural disaster, it’s a temptation we must resist”, Rabbi Jack Moline, president of Interfaith Alliance, said in a statement. People needing immediate cash for food or shelter can get $500 deposited into their bank accounts. Again, we’ve never seen anything like this. “We will do it quickly”. He said there is “a lot of certainty in this forecast” showing Irma making landfall somewhere in Florida this weekend, and the winds and storm surge from the storm will be devastating.

If wishing to help in this way, Greater Spokane Emergency Management recommends contacting a local organization such as the Red Cross, or other experienced voluntary organization that does this work and has resources to support these types of efforts. “Property is replaceable but lives are not, and safety has to come first”. Trump said in a tweet. “We’re staying here, I’m staying here”.

Congressional leaders and FEMA managers say technology, including a phone app, has allowed Texans to register for FEMA assistance more quickly than ever. “We’re the highest anywhere in the world right now”.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Red Cross have been heavily involved in the response to Hurricane Harvey, and both have reported that they are prepared for Irma as well.

While it’s too early to tell, Irma threatens to have an effect on near-term inflation as it could impact $1.2 billion of crops in Florida, such as tomatoes and oranges. “This is why we ask and plead with people to be ready for multiple days, and unfortunately this is coming into reality”. A plan for evacuation of residents is also underway but a timetable hasn’t been determined. Senators added an additional $7.4 billion in Community Development Block Grant funding for areas affected by disasters. Long said he remains confident. “Any way I can go from A to Z”.

“It’s that time of year, you have hurricanes in the Gulf, one affecting Louisiana, the other affecting Florida”.

Mr Heming said: “It is worth pointing out that it is the peak of the hurricane season, so having hurricanes in this region now is not unexpected”. Congress isn’t done with this issue.

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