U2 Perform New Song ‘You’re The Best Thing About Me’ on ‘Fallon’

You’re The Best Thing About Me” is the first single from the band’s long-promised Songs of Experience album, the follow-up to 2014’s Songs of Innocence.

Westbrook is making a routine of appearing on late-night talk shows.

The Irish rock band is now on tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of their iconic 1987 album Joshua Tree.

Naturally, they played a song from that album as well.

Bono has changed the lyrics to U2’s politically charged “Bullet the Blue Sky” from 1987 to transform the 30-year-old song for today’s political climate.

“This country was built for and by ‘Dreamers, ‘” noted Bono.

The wide receiver “was voted most likely to get into a crowded elevator and say ‘Ya’ll smell good, ‘” while the Patriots center “was voted human gummy bear”. “That’s how we see you around the world, as one of the greatest ideas in human history”.

A U2 fan watching the show noticed that he added in a new rant aimed at the President mid song. “The lights are on the president’s home/ Oh my god, I’ve never felt so alone/ Outside it’s America, outside it’s America”. “And then you have the dude from North Korea”, Bono joked about Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. He appeared on Fallon’s show before last season, and has made multiple appearances on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. And a lot of people in silly costumes following me around.

I really understand, I really understand their anger – I have some of that anger myself coming from where we came from.

Strong words from Bono.

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