Troops will crack down on St Martin looters, Dutch PM warns

About 33,000 people live on the southern part which with other Caribbean islands like Aruba and Curacao are part of the kingdom of the Netherlands.

Sint Maarten’s Daily Herald reported that people converged on supermarkets, food warehouses, liquor depots, furniture stores and electronic equipment stores to loot as much as they could. “The speaker warns of the danger of reproducing what has happened to Haiti, in improving the structures rather than leaving them in fallow situations meant to be temporary:” It is necessary to take advantage of the repairs to put a notch in terms of safety on the constructions, buildings anti-cyclonic. Looters were also seen carrying away televisions and electronics, according tot he newspaper.

The worst-affected island so far is Saint Martin, which is divided between the Netherlands and France, where French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe confirmed four people were killed and 50 more injured.

Water supplies, electricity and mobile phone networks were knocked out when Irma roared through on Wednesday, turning the tourist hotspot with pristine sandy beaches into a disaster zone.

Many residents and tourists were left reeling after Irma ravaged some of the world’s most exclusive tropical playgrounds, known for their turquoise waters and lush green vegetation.

CBS News Beach cam footage shows Hurricane Irma slam into St. Maarten in the Caribbean.

“The reports we are getting into are becoming increasingly clear”.

They, too, have been trying to cope with the enormous setbacks they have had to face, and they are also in our thoughts at this time. A large part of the inhabitants is devoid of basic necessities. Please go deep inside and reach for that humanity – that GOD within us and do the right thing.

“I had the feeling of watching a great beauty walking on a gang-plank to their death”, he said.

On Wednesday morning, 6 September, Irma hit Sint Maarten, Saba and Sint Eustatius with full force and wind speeds of 295 kilometres per hour.

British authorities are also scrambling to help other European territories in the region, including the island of Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands and the Turks and Caicos islands. Some 100 Dutch marines flew to the islands on Monday to prepare for the hurricane.

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