Tampa Bay seen as most vulnerable to hurricane

Numerous residents were taken by surprise when Irma has changed direction, and the time to evacuate is now very short.

“If you live in Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota, in the area of Tampa bay, this storm is potentially the worst-case scenario feared by meteorologists and the emergency services”, said Sunday the senator of Florida Marco Rubio. “We have for 90 years avoided this day, but I think our day has come”.

The last major hurricane to hit the cities of St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa in date from 1921.

This wide continental shelf means Tampa would get twice as much storm surge-the leading killer in a major hurricane-as Miami on the east coast. “As the storm draws water toward the center, it gets pulled away from the surroundings”.

Tampa Bay is slated to get hit by Irma sometime on Sunday afternoon or evening. Millions more across multiple states were either under mandatory or voluntary evacuation instructions.

The winds from Irma pushed the water from the bay, leaving behind near-dry land, Fox News reported.

Jones said the severity of the storm surge depended on which side of the storm Tampa was on.

The US Hurricane Center sent out an urgent alert warning of a “life-threatening storm surge inundation of 10 to 15 feet above ground level”.

They are going out on the mud where the water has receded near Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, FL, which was the result of Hurricane Irma.

Governor Scott, a Republican, has banned the use of climate change in official state communications, an approach critics say has not helped prepare Tampa Bay for the big one. “This is when we are Tampa strong”.

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