Royal baby: Kate Middleton’s morning sickness ‘a hugely distressing predicament’, says GP

Hyperemesis is always hell, be it a mild case or a bad one.

The Duchess, who is less than 12 weeks pregnant, is now being cared for at Kensington Palace but she has previously been admitted to hospital for hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) – a rare condition that can lead to dehydration, weight loss and a build-up of toxins in the blood or urine called ketosis. This might lead to severe dehydration and, if you don’t receive the necessary treatment, you might suffer other complications.

“Women who are prone to travel sickness, are having their first baby or are having twins seem more at risk”. However, royal watchers were immediately concerned for Princess Kate, who is said to be suffering from severe morning sickness yet again. She’s being cared for at the family home in Kensington Palace, just as she was during the early weeks of her pregnancies with both George and Charlotte.

The Belfast mum to Gracie, 9, and Corey, 5, suffered so severely that she explains she would not be prepared to become pregnant again after suffering such an horrendous bout of the condition.

“You’re talking about vomiting that could be every hour or more than every hour and really doesn’t stop at the end of the first trimester, like most cases do”, she said.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a practicing OB-GYN and ABC News’ chief women’s health correspondent, described the condition as “very, very serious”. “But then you have women with more severe sickness which isn’t normal”.

That was my case. I probably should have been hospitalized during my second pregnancy, but we managed to narrowly avoid it. The Duchess of Cambridge is believed to be seven to 12 weeks pregnant by now. When that sickness went day and night and extended beyond 20 weeks, and when I had to be hospitalised for dehydration, I was finally diagnosed with hyperemesis.

It was like having a stomach bug that went on for months. The medications I took made me groggy, and it’s hard to have any energy whatsoever when you’re not able to hold down any nutrition.

“I had it literally until the placenta was taken out”. I missed so much.

I had been pretty sick with my first child, Jacob, now aged three. I could afford to disappear from life for a small amount of time without leaving much of a mark.

By changing her hair when speculation about a possible pregnancy is starting to swirl, Kate is effectively able to “distract” the media and the public by moving discussion away from her maybe-baby-bump to her new ‘do. And she’s stuck in bed.

While Kensington Palace has yet to provide an update on Kate’s condition, royal insiders revealed that Kate is hoping that she will feel better before Thursday, Sept. 7 – which is Prince George’s first day of school at Thomas’ Battersea primary school.

At first, I just tried to get on with it. “It’s always a bit anxious to start with, but she’s well”. Mostly, that meant that my medication suddenly worked.

He wanted me to play with him and go out to the park but I could barely leave the bathroom, let alone house. That’s part of the reason I formed a support group so that other women can chat to those going through the same thing.

But if like Kate you suffer from HG, this will quickly be overtaken as you spend your days with your head hanging in the toilet.

So to all those people who think Kate Middleton is soft, or weak, or slacking, remember – she hasn’t got morning sickness, she has a debilitating and devastating illness. So I treasure that china, especially Prince George’s, because it reminds me that someone else knows what I went through. Like Kate, I also suffered from HG during each of my pregnancies; and it wasn’t just uncomfortable, it was downright terrifying.

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