Richard Branson’s Island Destroyed and Pictures Show He’s Lucky to Be Alive

Branson said he was confident his buildings “should be able to handle extreme weather pretty well”, adding that “our main concern is with the local people of the British Virgin Islands“.

Necker & whole area completely devastated”, he wrote alongside the photo.

Irma is now a Category 5 storm, and being anxiously watched by people in the Virgin Islands, Florida, and the Gulf Coast as it edges closer to the US.

A waterfront estate with a pool and fitness center which cost $16.9 million is now dirt and dust following the progress of Hurricane Irma.

Billionaire Richard Branson and his crew survived Hurricane Irma after hunkering down in the concrete wine cellar of his home on a private island in the Caribbean. Three more deaths were reported on the British island of Anguilla, independent Barbuda and the Dutch side of St. Martin. “I know we will all band together and rebuild the islands to become stronger and even more wonderful than they were before”. He also wrote that although facilities in his island are built in such a way so that they withstand hurricanes but Hurricane Irma was quite intense, hence the buildings have got damaged.

As MSNBC battered viewers with Category 5 Hurricane coverage, network anchor Stephanie Ruhle revealed an intriguing nugget about – Richard Branson.

“All of the team who stayed on Necker and Moskito during the hurricane are safe and well”, he continued.

“If our really strong buildings sustained such damage, I am so anxious for elsewhere in the BVI and Caribbean”.

Authorities in the British Virgin Islands have advised people to find safe shelter and have emergency supplies kit packed with supplies for at least three days.

“Homes can be rebuilt but lives can’t”.

The hurricane‚ so intense that it registered on equipment used to measure earthquakes‚ tore across the British Virgin Islands late on Wednesday.

Friday’s update did not include a report on the current state of Branson’s wine stock.

Branson also warned others in the path of the storm to seek shelter and prepare for the worst.

The US Virgin Islands has apparently been using funds meant to pay out insurance claims related to natural disasters to pay for other public services for many years.

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