Putin – Russia reserves right to cut further U.S. diplomatic mission

“As for our buildings and facilities, this is an unprecedented thing”, he said.

In biting and sometimes caustic remarks, Russian President Vladimir Putin waded into Russia’s diplomatic row with the United States on Tuesday, saying Moscow could further cut USA diplomatic staffing in Russia and calling US searches of a Russian consulate and other diplomatic properties “boorish”.

“I will order the foreign ministry to go to court – and let’s see just how efficient the much-praised United States judiciary is”.

However, relations have been damaged by claims Russian Federation interfered in the presidential election and differences on foreign policy issues like Syria and North Korea. Russian Federation has denied interfering in the vote. Every nation has interests of its own.

He took the time to share his hopes that Russian Federation and the United States will find compromises and resolve bilateral and worldwide problems, just as Trump has said.

The U.S. order for Russia to vacate some of its diplomatic properties was the latest in a series of tit-for-tat actions that began when former U.S. president Barack Obama, late a year ago, expelled 35 Russian diplomats. Russian Federation answered by reducing the number of USA diplomatic staff in the country.

The “boorish” treatment Putin referred to was the USA officials’ decision to vacate Russian diplomatic premises in several American cities. “While discussing the current situation in bilateral relations, Lavrov stressed that Washington’s seizure of the Russian diplomatic property in the United States was a blatant violation of worldwide law”, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement following a telephone conversation between Lavrov and Tillerson. But Putin said the latest expulsions ordered by Washington brought the number of Russian diplomats on US soil to below parity. “There is no other way to resolve the North Korean nuclear problem but peaceful and diplomatic”, Putin said concerning North Korea, which on Sunday tested a hydrogen bomb that the country’s leaders say can be mounted on a missile capable of reaching the United States. Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, said during an emergency Security Council meeting on Monday that Kim’s regime was “begging for war”.

The two countries have also been involved in diplomatic fights over conflicts in eastern Ukraine and Syria, where both Russian Federation and the US have different worldwide interests. “Let’s wait and see how the situation develops further”, he said.

Last week, the Trump administration ordered Moscow to close its consulate in San Francisco and trade missions in Washington and NY.

Trump, himself battling allegations that his associates colluded with Russian Federation, grudgingly signed into law the new sanctions against Moscow that had been drawn up by Congress.

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