‘Outlander’ Season 3 Spoilers: 7 Heartbreaking Moments From The Premiere

As Cumberland’s men pilfer weapons from the dead, Jamie has flashbacks to the gruesome and bloody battle, in hand to hand combat with Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies). I liked that it was a odd kind of dance/fight/embrace. The season will start with the Battle of Culloden between Jacobite Highlanders and the British government forces in 1746. Among them, still hanging onto life, is James Fraser.

The trailer shows Claire is still in doubt whether she should return to Jaime or not after passing through a lot of troubles. So I think that’s actually what makes Claire’s story with Frank so interesting, because it’s like there’s a ghost in the room, and then also for Jamie, he’s like a walking ghost himself, because it’s nearly like he’s missing an arm or leg, because he doesn’t have the person who makes him whole. It’s disheartening to see Claire let such misogynistic comments slide, and it shows what she’s facing in her new life with Frank. “We told it more through emotional weight”, Menzies revealed.

But Jamie’s small act of mercy last season – sparing the life of a young John William Grey when he came across the Scots’ encampment and tried to assassinate Jamie – proves that no good deed goes unpunished, and instead of shooting Jamie with the rest of his men, John’s older brother, Lord Melton, reluctantly ships him back to Lallybroch to recuperate.

“We said at the outset this is the dissolution of a marriage, each of them is going to try at the beginning – they are trying from very different positions – and each of them is going to try to make it work”, Moore says. As soon as the least tactful nurse in the world asks about Brianna’s red hair, we see the long shadow of history fall right back over them.

“I think Claire, as hard as it was, did make a promise to Frank to shut the door on Jamie in the past”. “They are separated, and then you feel like if it’s a chapter before they’re together again, you’re not living their lives with them separated”. Will it be their first on-screen kiss on Season 1’s episode 7? But before that, make sure you have finished Season 2 already. Jamie also has a vision of Claire walking toward him, but unfortunately for him (and for some of the audience) it’s not really her; it’s some of his men who carry him off the battlefield, dropping Jamie’s dragonfly in amber as they cart him away. “I think part of Claire’s DNA is that she’s a survivor, and that she gets on with it”.

Fans who want to watch “Outlander” Season 3, Episode 1, titled “The Battle Joined” online will be in luck as there are a few ways to watch the big premiere on Sunday.

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