Navy says tight budget, stress on fleet don’t excuse crashes

The amphibious assault ship USS Wasp, located near the U.S. Virgin Islands, is conducting medical evacuations for critical care patients from St. Thomas to St. Croix and performing damage assessments in support of the local government. Two sailors from CT were among the dead.

The Navy relieved the commander of the U.S. Navy’s 7th Fleet of duty shortly after the McCain crash.

The Navy on Thursday was loading the USS Iwo Jima, another amphibious assault ship, and the USS New York, an amphibious transport dock, with supplies at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia in preparation to embark south toward areas impacted by Irma, Navy officials said. The Navy has reversed some of those changes but continues to use a work week standard that does not reflect the actual time sailors spend working and does not account for in-port workload-both of which have contributed to some sailors working over 100 hours a week.

“It should have”, Admiral Moran said. The collision tore a hole in the ship’s rear hull and flooded adjacent compartments, including the communications room.

Irma’s eye was expected to move just north of Cuba and the central Bahamas for the rest of Friday and Saturday.

“Two destroyers, 17 lives… something is definitely wrong”, said Democratic Congressman Anthony Brown at a hearing attended by Pendleton and other officials, as well as the mother of one of the sailors who died aboard the USS McCain. That came only weeks after a similar collision involving the USS Fitzgerald resulted in the deaths of seven sailors.

“As of June 2017, 37 percent of the warfare certifications for cruiser and destroyer crews homeported in Japan had expired, and over two-thirds of the expired certifications – including mobility-seamanship and air warfare – had been expired for 5 months or more“, the report stated.

The US Navy’s summer of lethal and costly accidents demonstrates that the strategy to project power from the sea via forward deployments is “not sustainable and needs to be significantly modified”, House Armed Services Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee Chairman Rob Wittman (R-Va.) said Thursday.

As the path of the storm becomes more clear, the Pentagon also could establish specific installations as hubs for the recovery effort, Davis said.

Ronald Boxall testified before a packed congressional hearing room. “From the Sea”, then-Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jay L. Johnson began. Daily said. “In the end, it’s about time”.

The town of Suffield issued a statement that said people who wish to pay their respects should gather at around 4:45 the area of the Suffield Veterans Memorial at Route 75 and Bridge Street.

Courtney also asked about the parameters, and timetable, for the Navy’s investigation of the collisions. Moran said that study would take about 60 days.

“Manning has been a persistent challenge for the Navy”, Pendleton said.

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