Mar-a-Lago Irma Evacuation Ordered

Millions fled Florida at the end of this week, fearing they wouldn’t survive the powerful hurricane predicted to bring storm surges from six to 15 feet.

President Donald Trump, pictured September 14, 2015 in Dallas, set Twitter abuzz when he tweeted the “Federal G” would help after Hurricane Irma. “We’ll be there with resources and support, both to save lives and to help to recover and rebuild these states and these communities”.

With Hurricane Irma on course to impact Florida by the weekend, the storm is projected to hit close to home for President Donald Trump, literally.

For all of Mar-a-Lago’s annoying (and legally questionable) excess, it’s prideful position as the capitol of America’s kleptocratic swamp, plenty of people would happily see it washed out to sea. “And government officials, I know you’re working so hard, you’ll never work like this, and I appreciate also your bravery”.

“I think now with what’s happened with the hurricane, I’m going to ask for a speedup”.

The President earlier posted a link to state information on the locations of shelters, road closures and evacuation routes.

States of emergency was declared in Florida, Georgia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico to prepare for Irma’s landfall.

The state’s governor Rick Scott dramatically told a press conference yesterday that staying within the evacuation zone, which includes much of Miami-Dade county, could prove fatal.

The White House thanked Congress for speedy action this week to replenish disaster relief funds for FEMA, which had been drained in the relief work for Hurricane Harvey that continues in Texas and Louisiana.

“They need to get out and listen and heed the warnings”, Long said.

Though Libowitz says he does not believe he’s violating any ethics rules, it may not be ethically right.

In a statement issued to CNN’s Betsy Klein on Friday, a spokesperson for the Trump Organization announced that the Palm Beach seaside club would be closed, as well as two other properties owned by the group in Florida.

“The President is constantly monitoring Hurricane Irma“, Sanders added.

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