Makhosi Khoza unbothered about disciplinary hearing outcome

ANC MP Makhosi Khoza‚ who faces a disciplinary hearing on Sunday for not toeing the party line‚ is unbothered about the outcome.

First, the Democratic Alliance-led motion of no confidence in the president was defeated after which five ANC members of Khoza’s committee refused to work with her and boycotted a meeting.

Khoza was not present at the hearing.

Khoza has been charged with bringing the party into disrepute by the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal. This on its own is a contradiction to formal correspondence that Comrade Makhosi had made to the ANC DC. So he pleaded for an extension which we believe was logical. “The disciplinary committee reluctantly acceded to the request and the matter will take place on Sunday, 9am at the same venue”.

“She wrote both to the Secretary general of the ANC and the provincial secretary”.

ANC KZN spokesperson Mdumiseni Ntuli said: “The report from her representative is that she is away, she’s not in KwaZulu-Natal but of course the ANC is disappointed that even after nearly two months, having been informed about the hearing and the date at which it will be taking place, she still came through her representative”.

The party also said that while it was not usual practice to report on disciplinary practices, “a consistent, constant and gravely distorted public pronouncement of comrade Makhosi Khoza” rendered it necessary in order to provide “correct and factual accounts” of the process. “So really, her own concerns were to a larger extent very unfounded and in our view, she meant to exaggerate the situation so that she can mobilise for public sympathy”, he added.

Earlier, on Sunday morning, Khoza posted another message on Facebook in which she said that the reason she was “persecuted” was because “she hates corruption”.

The disciplinary committee said it had given Khoza an opportunity to come to pre-trial hearings prior to Sunday.

Meanwhile, on her Facebook page, Khoza responded to requests for her to form a new political party, by declaring: “I like the proposals” and “thinking. yes”.

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