Lieutenant Governor; Address Seniors, Senator Chappelle-Nadal, and Representative Warren Love

Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard and Majority Floor Leader Mike Kehoe will be in on the call. And conducting those special sessions is not cheap, with a price tag of about $10,000 each day that lawmakers are actually present in Jefferson City. Along with the fate of Chappelle-Nadal, Parsons is also asking the legislature to use the special session to restore funding for in-home and specialty nursing care services to some 8,000 Missourians.

In a last-minute attempt to fund the services, the Legislature tried to gather about $35 million from other state accounts, but Greitens vetoed the maneuver.

Parson wants lawmakers to craft new legislation to deal with the issue, which would require a special session. “I’m going to keep those two separate”, Parson said. “I think you will see them come with a solution to that problem. Both Democrat and Republicans will find a way to resolve this”.

The outrage leveled at state Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D-University City) over a now-deleted August 20 Facebook comment stating “I hope Trump is assassinated!” shows no sign of dying down.

Chappelle-Nadal posted the comment, “No”.

The senator apologized for the post, but said she will not step down. “However, I feel it is critical to restore the funding for those who call Missouri home and can not care for themselves”, Parson told reporters. During the press conference, however, Parsons did not call for Love’s resignation. He also said Greitens had no plans to call lawmakers in to address the health care cuts. But if that doesn’t happen, Richard said he’s willing to try to get the signatures of three-fourths of the House and Senate members needed to call themselves into a special session. “Just the logistics of trying to get signatures to do that…pretty hard”.

While Greitens said Chapelle-Nadal should step down, he said he will not call a special session to oust her from her position. He points out that it is up to the House of Representative’s to address appropriate actions to be taken upon Representative Love. “We’re going to be looking to them to take that action”.

“I strongly urge them to reconsider and not to obstruct the process that our state’s citizens have entrusted us to carry out”, Parson said. “I hope they are found & hung from a tall tree with a long rope” referencing and including a news article describing vandal’s that defaced a confederate statue, also garnered harsh words of condemnation and responsibility for Representative Warren Love from the Lieutenant Governor.

“It’s been overwhelming for my office and I just believe the will of the people is that she doesn’t deserve to sit in the Missouri Senate”, Parson said.

Greitens has said both lawmakers should face the same punishment – however the Legislature decides to punish them. I’m going to decide on what I feel like is best for the Senate.

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