Liam Payne shares ‘logical’ reason he and Cheryl named their son Bear

The band is still not getting back together (yet), but Liam Payne performed a special One Direction throwback on The Late Late Show Wednesday night with James Corden. Set against a dark backdrop, his sensual performance quickly won over the audience. Specifically, he shed some light on why they named the tot Bear-and not a more common name like James, like the host, or guests James Van Der Beek and Jim Gaffigan (yes, it was a stage full of Jameses).

Liam joked: “As you can see I’m surrounded by Jameses, so you can’t really be the first James anymore, can you?”

“And in the end, the guy was just like, ‘I’m not being amusing, there’s nothing wrong with him, he just likes to make a lot of noise.’ And that’s carried on ever since, so it just became Bear”, Liam explained.

“Don’t get me wrong, boy bands are great obviously, but there’s plenty of good solo artists as well”.

Conversation soon turned to his experience of new parenthood, and Corden asked Liam about the logic behind Bear’s name.

“Bear is the best creation I’ve ever made so I welcome the idea completely.” Aww!

“So he was going “grrr”, growling away when he was sleeping. So I had specialists running in and out of hospital all day, my missus was asleep, I had like 10 doctors come into the room”.

“And I had like, ten doctors coming in the room and in the end, one guy was like, ‘Dude I’m not being amusing, there’s nothing wrong with him – just likes to make a lot of noise”.

“And that’s carried on ever since – so he just became Bear”.

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