Judge In Holly Bobo Case Cited For Having Gun In Airport

The judge presiding over the high-profile case of slain nursing student Holly Bobo has been cited for having a weapon at the Memphis International Airport.

Officials with the Transportation Security Administration confirmed it happened on August 27th around 6:30 a.m. Judge Charles Creed McGinley is accused of having a loaded 9mm Smith and Wesson in a restricted area of the airport. A TSA agent discovered it in a backpack with one round in the chamber, according to the citation. McGinley was given a receipt for the firearm and a copy of the misdemeanor citation. He was advised of processing and court dates and allowed to continue traveling. Jury selection is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 9; the trial is set to begin Monday, Sept. 11.

Bobo’s trial has been delayed twice already. It is not immediately clear how, or if, the incident will affect the start of the trial.

Attorney David Raybin, who is not connected to the Bobo case, said typically these issues are resolved with a fine.

“In my opinion, there is certainly no reason for the judge to be excused from the case”, Raybin said. “If this were a felony, certainly the answer would be much different”.

McGinley is scheduled to be arraigned on November 13.

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