Dylan O’Brien Had Auditioned for “Wizards of Waverly Place”

‘So the idea of something like this with that sort of grounded story-line in the centre of it I really took to. It really does change you, have these effects on you that you can’t even control and don’t even really know are there yet, you’re just reacting and your body is just naturally reacting, I guess tapping into that and trying to relate to that in my own way’.

American Assassin could be another Dylan O’Brien movie franchise.

Deciding if he was going to start filming for American Assassin was a “scary time” and he said “it felt very fast” but he said: ‘I do think at that time it was actually like a really attractive step in my recovery that actually ended up getting me back on my feet, ending up being very instrumental for me in my life. “Ultimately, I think he realizes that he’ll have to learn how to cope with this, learn how to live with this thing the rest of his life, but serve and protect. I didn’t have to be ideal with it but I still wanted to be pretty damn good with it because it had to be viable that this guy was being trusted by these people“. And we know he was in rough physical shape. “They pushed the movie and wanted to stick with me”. “I was really angry for a long time”. But at the same time, I was still in such a fragile personal state that I had this other force telling me, like, “No f-king way” that I can do it. “Tell them to leave me alone, I need more time'”.

Speaking later with Vulture, Dylan revealed his road to recovery was slow, but still promising on top of the panic attacks he was having. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him!

“It was just great [working with Dylan]”. It’s infectious and it was just a lot of fun. “I was really glad I was just able to come and be a part of it”, he said emotionally.

And oh boy, was he dedicated to that first role he had on the MTV series. “I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience”. “I love playing bad guys”. There’s always a bit of badness in everybody right? “I was in my apartment and I got the call that I got Stiles for this pilot”.

But don’t worry, IRL, Taylor is the nicest and he actually still lives in Austin, Texas where FNL was filmed. Like, I’m not somebody I don’t think who’s going to do three or four movies a year and feel like I have to constantly pump them out. “I think there’s something to be said about pacing yourself”.

Hey, at least the show is on Netflix so you can get your Tim fix anytime you want.

Dylan O’Brien will hit the cinema screens once again this September 14, in his latest role as black ops recruit Mitch Rapp in American Assassin.

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