DRDO succesfully tests its third generation Anti Tank Guided Missile ‘Nag’

India’s indigenously developed 3rd generation Anti Tank Guided Missile (ATGM), Nag was successfully flight tested twice by DRDO on Saturday against two different targets in the ranges of Rajasthan.

ATGM Nag successfully hit both targets under different ranges and conditions with very high accuracy as desired by the armed forces, ANI reported.

Inching closer to the induction, the Gen-3 Fire and Forget Anti-Tank Guided Missile Prospina earlier known as Nag is back in the desert ranges of Rajasthan for trials.

The missile is equipped with many advanced technologies, including the IIR seeker with integrated avionics, a capability possessed by a few nations in the world.created to destroy modern main battle tanks and other heavily armoured targets, it incorporates an advanced passive homing guidance system and possesses high single-shot kill probability.

The ministry also added that the Friday’s test firing marked the completion of the trials. The successful trials in June this year+, which reportedly far surpassed all expectations by achieving the target of 4km for both day and night were carried out by a team of scientists of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex at Hyderabad and ARDE and HEMRL at Pune. Press Trust of India reports that DRDO has been trying to ramp up country’ military capability in sync changing security dynamics in the region. The first test launch of the missile was conducted on June 4, from the launch pad number 3 of Chandipur. It is a quick reaction, all-weather, network-centric missile system capable of search-on-the-move.

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