Battle over Confederate statues heads to Capitol Hill

Ignoring a temporary ban on demonstrations around the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia, a group has issued a statement saying it plans to move forward with a rally at that site later this month.

Mr. McAuliiffe’s August 18 executive order temporarily prohibits issuance of permits and prohibiting demonstrations at the Lee monument “until new emergency regulations have been approved and implemented by the Virginia Department of General Services”, according to the governor’s office.

Tom Crompton, with Confederate group, said that the Department of General Services denied his group a permit for 50 people, but they plan to rally regardless.

Public demonstrations at the monument were temporarily banned under an executive order that was signed by Gov. Terry McAuliffe on the heels of deadly violence that broke out August 12 at rally over a Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia. “We have one of the best police departments to handle these sort of demonstrations”.

Crompton, whose group is based in Tennessee, said he plans to pursue legal action.

“There have not been any permits for any sort of demonstration or protest on Monument Avenue”, Stoney said.

He also emphasized their focus is “protecting our congressionally deemed monuments of our Confederate veterans”. “These hateful symbols should have no place in our society and they certainly should not be enshrined in the U.S. Capitol”, she said.

“We are not here to stir up any trouble”, Brandau said.

A Facebook event with dozens of people confirmed to attend scheduled the protest on September 16. “We are not a racist group”. He said he did not want “outside elements” to descend upon Richmond. “I’m here for preserving Richmond’s monuments, not to get in some racial fight with radicals”.

Any hate will not be stood for on our side whatsoever“, organizers said.

“If you’re going to bring hate, divisiveness and intolerance, then we don’t want you here”, Stoney said.

A leader of the group said only that “we have it all arranged” before hanging up in the middle of an interview about the event with the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the newspaper reported Friday.

The RPD will continue to discuss their operational plans this week.

He said that people living along Monument Avenue deserve peace of mind.

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