Anthem leaves ACA markets in Missouri and Kentucky

US health insurer Anthem Inc said on Wednesday that it will offer Obamacare plans in only about half of the counties in Kentucky next year, after covering the whole state in 2017. Instead, it will sell plans in 59 Kentucky counties. It said all 120 counties in Kentucky will still have a carrier offering plans next year.

This is the sixth state the health insurer has announced it will be either exiting or scaling back coverage in.

However, this represents a reduction of 17 counties, as Anthem sold ACA plans in 85 counties this year.

Every U.S. county is now projected to have at least one insurer offering Obamacare individual coverage next year.

Anthem has already reduced its footprint in the individual ACA market in Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Nevada and Wisconsin.

Anthem blames “uncertainty in federal operations” for the cuts.

Anthem said the decisions in Missouri and Kentucky were made after significant dialogue with state leaders and regulators.

In a statement to CNBC, Anthem said, “Today, planning and pricing for [ACA]-compliant health plans has become increasingly hard due to a shrinking and deteriorating individual market”.

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