Admiral Ackbar Returns in Latest Peek at Star Wars 8

Rey and Kylo are nearly two halves of our protagonist.

Hmm, is Johnson possibly hinting at face turn for Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi?

A new set of artwork pieces for “Star Wars: The Last Jedioffers a fresh look at some of the members of its cast, including Rey and Leia. “One of the things I drew from J.J.’s film was that sense of fun and playfulness – that as much Star Wars as “I am your father”. Whereas Kylo represents anger and rebellion, the sometimes healthy – and sometimes not – desire to disconnect from the parents. Could the acolyte of Supreme Leader Snoke be turned back to the Light by his uncle, Luke Skywalker?

Thorny problem that the French translation of titles of films US. Luke and Rey will be at the center of all the action that occurs.

‘And it’s absolutely tied up in that question of, “What is Luke’s attitude toward the Jedi?”‘

Johnson explained that what Luke said in the trailer is what the movie is definitely going to focus on. You’re finding a path forward, but there end up being fewer choices than you think. Entertainment Weekly’s articles reveal new in-depth conversations with Mark Hamill and other The Last Jedi stars about Luke, Rey, and the Force, while Donald Glover steps into big shoes as Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo standalone.

Fans will also be hoping that the question of Rey’s parentage is also answered in The Last Jedi; Rey is a scavenger who was left behind on the planet Jakku when she was a child. Now, Rey is at the front of The Last Jedi’s marketing blitz, marking a massive shift in how Lucasfilm sells its franchise. Whether this was done purposefully for story reasons, in order to keep the character a secret, or it was done because of a lack of faith in a female character’s capacity to lead a Star Wars film, fans will never know for sure.

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