Good Samaritan gives up generator to woman

Many people have gone to multiple stores searching for generators only to leave empty-handed.

With Hurricane Irma approaching, a good Samaritan gave his newly bought generator to a woman who’d spent days trying to secure her father’s oxygen supply.

“My father is on oxygen and I’m anxious about this storm”, she said. The Hurricane threat is bringing out the best in some Central Florida Residents.

Pam Brekke was next in line at a Lowe’s hardware store when she was turned away in tears after the last generator was sold to the person ahead of her in line. So she hopped in her vehicle on Thursday, made the journey from her home in Sanford, and got in line.

But after waiting patiently in line, she realised the man in front of her was going to get the final generator.

Had there been one more generator, it would have been hers.

But then-amid the frantic search for plywood, gas cans and everything else-a random act of kindness.

“She needs the generator”, he said. WFTV’s Nancy Alvarez posted the entire exchange on Facebook. Santiago didn’t know her reasons for needing the generator but could see that she was distraught.

“Everything is okay”, he told her before returning to his shopping.

The two shared a hug. “He’s a stranger. He’s an angel from God is what he is”, Brekke said.

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