Democrats question lawmaker’s motives in getting voter data

Among other things, Jasper asked for information on whether those who register to vote in New Hampshire also obtain driver’s licenses or vehicle registrations here.

His “proof”? New statistics from the secretary of state showing that 6,540 people who had taken advantage of the state’s same-day voter registration had used out-of-state drivers’ licenses to vote and only 1,014 had later obtained a New Hampshire drivers’ license within the time period required by law for residents to get an in-state license.

Well, it looks like Fox News wanted on in on some of that action.

Thus far 196 people are being investigated for voting in New Hampshire and another state.

A research group in New Jersey, Just Facts, announced it found that after examining post-election polling data, the number of noncitizens voting illegally in US elections is likely far greater than previous estimates, the Washington Times reported. Meanwhile, Bump’s WaPo colleague Dave Weigel pointed out that in the course of one hour, he had found four legit voters who Kobach had accused of being fraudulent. Maggie Hassan defeated Ayotte by 1,017 votes.

Patrick Derenze, 22, said that he voted with a New York ID, and was unaware of any New Hampshire law that required voters to change their licenses after voting.

Bryan Caskey, Kobach’s election director, said same-day registration would be “inconsistent with some of the other security efforts he (Kobach) has put in place to prevent voter fraud”.

In addition to New Hampshire’s position as a bastion of old-time Yankee frugality, another reason for the conservatism of the Granite State’s voters was the influence of the statewide newspaper, the Manchester Union Leader (later the New Hampshire Union Leader), which was published by the steadfast conservative, William “Bill” Loeb III, who died in 1981. And, of those 5,526, only 213 registered a vehicle in New Hampshire.

“All the states that have election-day registration are at the top of voter turnout”, voting-rights expert Kevin Kennedy said in the keynote speech at “Democracy Tomorrow”, a daylong voting-rights seminar held Friday at Wichita State University’s Hughes Metropolitan Complex.

A spokesman for Vice President Mike Pence, who is chair of the commission, did not respond to TPM’s inquiry as to who chose that panel of witnesses.

“If you’re here today, you can vote and be gone”, one poll official unwittingly told Veritas.

She said True the Vote is engaged in a “forensic audit” of the 2016 election to uncover illegal votes, election fraud and process deficiencies. They received data on 5,903 same-day registrants with out-of-state licenses from the secretary of state’s office.

Kris Kobach, Kansass secretary of state, arrives to a meeting on the election in Washington on July 19.

For years, many Republicans have been trying to shore up the voter laws because of these issues and they are supported by a majority of actual voters in the state.

Gardner, the nation’s longest-serving secretary of state, countered by questioning whether the senators quit committees they’re assigned to in Congress because they disagree with other members.

“It is likely that some unknown number of these individuals moved out of New Hampshire, it is possible that a few may have never driven in New Hampshire or have ceased driving, however, it is expected that an unknown number of the remainder continue to live and drive in New Hampshire“. But as of August 30, only 1014, about 15 percent, had been issued New Hampshire driver’s licenses.

Gardner, a Democrat, is a member of a commission President Donald Trump created in May to investigate allegations – offered without evidence – that millions of people voted illegally in 2016. The secretary of state sent letters to all of them, and the U.S. Postal Service returned 458 of them as not delivered to the address on the registration forms.

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