Prime Minister’s wife likely to stand trial for misusing $112000

Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit is expected to indict Mrs. Netanyahu, the prime minister’s third wife, in the coming weeks, Haaretz reports, citing its sources.

“The infrastructure in Israel is insufficient, particularly in the area of public transportation, and mainly in the major cities, but also in the electricity delivery system and in communications infrastructure”, she said.

Ms Netanyahu has been variously accused of allegedly using money set aside for the prime minister’s official residence for furniture and improvements to the pair’s private home, hiring Likud Party Central Committee member Avi Fahima as an electrician against official advice, paying for her elderly father’s care, inflating dinner party numbers to hire private chefs, and pocketing 23,000 shekels (£4,800) in recycling refunds.

Netanyahu was deemed to be telling the truth regarding these matters.

He denies any wrongdoing.

At a rally last week, the prime minister also accused Naftali of stealing food from the residence.

“Netanyahu enjoys a newspaper that serves as a propaganda tool that is intended first and foremost for him and the continuation of his tenure as prime minister”.

Barak Ravid, the diplomatic correspondent of the Haaretz newspaper, wrote on Monday that if Mr. Netanyahu knew about the alleged misdeeds, “then this is a case of suspected offenses that violate ethical standards”.

However, the senior law enforcement official said the date the recommendations would be made public could change because “there are developments all the time that cant be predicted”.

The case was opened in February 2015 with the approval of the attorney general and the state prosecutor, after suspicions were raised about possible criminal offenses, including “fraudulent receipt, fraud and breach of trust, including addressing mutual accusations“, a police statement said at that time, adding that the investigation into the cases had been concluded.

David Sharan, who resigned as a Netanyahu aide in 2016, was reportedly one of six suspects arrested in overnight raids in connection with the so-called submarine affair, A key witness told police that the lawyer, David Shimron, stood to gain tens of millions of dollars in commission from the deal, Israel’s Channel 2 has reported previously.

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