Another royal baby coming, and this is what Britons think

The Duchess of Cambridge has only just announced she’s pregnant, but people are already guessing what baby name she and the Duke of Cambridge will choose for their third child. The condition forced Kate to be admitted to hospital in the early months of her first pregnancy with George. So, if Kate has not yet reached the 12-week mark, a due date in April or May 2018 could be more likely.

When it comes to maternity clothing the future queen can take inspiration from her right royal European neighbours who have palaces for homes.

Custom used to dictate that government officials should be present when a royal was born. They have a long history – Queen Victoria first attended the Braemar Gathering in 1848. The princess is expected to give birth sometime after March 2018.

Princess Charlotte, born May 2, 2015, will be bumped to middle child status after the new baby is born.

Prince Harry will move down further in the succession but is still required by law to get the permission of the queen to marry.

For Harry, who previously said nobody from the royal family really wanted to be king or queen, this does not only mean that his chances of becoming a king have decreased once again, but also that he would be one person away from being free to marry without needing the permission of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

As for William and Kate’s third child, Alice and Elizabeth have been predicted if the baby is a girl.

And the boys’ name, Arthur, had the odds of 10/1.

The order now is as follows: Prince Charles is first in line, followed by Prince William, who is second, and then Prince George, who is third, and Princess Charlotte, who is fourth.

Two older siblings will welcome the new arrival.

The Victorian gown with a Honiton lace overlay was worn by 62 babies during its lifespan, The Telegraph reports.

Charles is father to Prince William and Prince Harry, Anne is mother to Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall, Andrew has two daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, while Edward has a son James, Viscount Severn and a daughter Lady Louise Windsor.

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