7th Pay Commission: Central govt employees likely to get hike in minimum pay to Rs 21000

With the government planning a hike in minimum pay under the 7th Pay Commission, there might be some good news for the central government employees.

The government has said that 108 allowances have been retained against the Pay Commission’s recommendation for 95 allowances.

Meanwhile, the state government employees of Odisha have a reason to rejoice too, as recommendations of 7th Pay Commission for them could be approved by the State Cabinet scheduled to meet today, reports stated. On June 28, the Union Cabinet approved the recommendation of 7th Central Pay Commission with 34 modifications.

Jaitley added that medical allowance had been doubled to Rs 1,000 for pensioners. As of now, the minimum salary of Central government employees is Rs 18,000.

The minimum pay was fixed at Rs 18,000 by the finance ministry last time. For officers the allowance has been raised from Rs 21,000 per month to Rs 42,500 per month for extreme risk and hardship. The nursing allowance to nurses and ministerial staff of hospitals has also been increased to Rs 7,200 per month from Rs 4,800 earlier. The Operation Theatre Allowance increased from Rs 360 per month to Rs 540 per month. The disbursement of higher allowances is expected to improve spending by this large section of serving government employees and pensioners.

Meanwhile, just before the festive season, Odisha government gave almost 8 lakh employees a good news. The government is of view that this hike will help the low paid employees and eliminate poverty.

In a statement given by Arun Jaitley, the Finance Minister of India committed to raising the minimum pay of the employees of the central government more than Rs 18,000.

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