Fans seriously injured after fire at Red CentreNats

Twelve people were burned when the vehicle driven by a WA competitor at the Red CentreNATS event on Sunday sent the lit fuel flying during the burnout with vision showing flames being thrown out over fans.

Another 12 people, have been transported to Alice Springs Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

St John Ambulance southern commander Andrew Everingham said they responded to reports of a flash fire from a competitor’s vehicle which resulted in burns to members of the audience.

Spectators captured video footage of the fuel exploding.

A horrific fire caused by a vehicle doing burnouts has left one man fighting for his life and 11 other people seriously injured.

The hospital is preparing to airlift some patients to Adelaide for specialist burns treatment.

One person is in a critical condition while 11 others are in a serious but stable condition, organisers say.

Thousands of people have been in Alice Springs for the event this weekend, which brings motoring enthusiasts from across the country to Central Australia.

The burnout competition is promoted by organisers as “the most outrageous and exciting part” of the event.

A police investigation is also underway.

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