Brexit: EU says no United Kingdom trade talks without progress on budget

“They’ve set this up to try and create pressure on us on money, that’s what this is about”.

May was trying to expand her supporter base by winning over younger people who backed Labour in the June election with plans to reform tuition fees and provide cheap homes to public sector workers, the Sunday Times also said.

Brexit secretary David Davis called the report “nonsene” speaking to the BBC‘s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday morning.

Comparing the EU’s demands to a hotel bill presented to a guest on checking out, Mr Davis said: “We are going through it line by line and they are finding it hard because we have got good lawyers”.

It comes as Number 10 and government ministers moved to reject claims that Theresa May is preparing to approve a divorce bill of up to £50 billion.

The payment dispute came as Mrs May’s allies issued a warning to would-be rebels ahead of the first Commons votes on the Brexit legislation.

“I don’t think we’re, at this stage, getting in to any detail, but I think some of the things I’ve seen are very, very extravagant indeed – we certainly wouldn’t be paying anything like that amount”.

The Commission puts itself in a silly position if it says nothing has been done“, he added, stressing he was not branding Mr Barnier personally “silly”. “They are trying to use time against us”.

The Sunday Times report that the Whitehall plans will see the United Kingdom pay between £7 billion and £17 billion a year to Brussels for three years after Brexit. “The story is completely wrong”.

He did say Britain was likely to end up paying money into the European Union budget after Brexit for access to cross-border schemes like space and nuclear research, though the sum would not be large over the medium to long-term. They may not be legal, they may be political or moral. The big sticking point is money: how much the prepared to pay toward commitments the European Union has made on the assumption of continued United Kingdom membership.

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