Nissan Scrappage Scheme Targets Electric Car Converts

The Scrappage schemes by Renault and Kia run from now until the end of the year, and the Nissan offering is only available this month (September 2017). However, qualifying trade-in cars must still be registered on 31 December 2009 or earlier.

But it’s not just the LEAF attracting an incentive, with discounts of up to £5,000 available across Nissan’s range, and even a £2,000 incentive for grabbing a used 24kWh LEAF.

Renault will give owners of pre-2010 cars £2000 towards a new vehicle if they scrap their old one. Rival firm Ford has also recently announced a similar scheme giving drivers up to £2,000 to switch to newer diesel or petrol models, in a move it said was motivated by increasing public concern over poor air quality.

Customers can access Renault’s offers of either 4.9% APR PCP or 0% APR hire purchase along with two years free servicing on cars or 0% APR hire purchase with four years free servicing on vans. If the buyer has an old auto that worth £2,500, it sees the monthly cost of moving to a 2014-vintage Leaf Acenta plummet to just £87, a unique offer Nissan GB MD Alex Smith says will help drivers of older vehicles “make the switch to cleaner electric power”.

An important distinction between the switch scheme and other current trade-in programmes is that Nissan’s is not a “scrappage” scheme. This offer, it says, will lower the prohibitive cost barrier into a fully electric auto.

The UK’s highest-selling electric vehicle, the LEAF, delivers a driving range of up to 124 miles on a single charge with running costs estimated at around 2p per mile.

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