Limited Water Supply Returns to Beaumont after 3 Days

Residents are urged to continue boiling water for two minutes before drinking, cooking, washing hands, and brushing teeth.

After seven days, frustration and exhaustion had set in for many.

Officials said water pressure will range from a drip in some areas to flowing in others, the Beaumont Enterprise reported Saturday morning.

In Beaumont, Texas, doctors and nurses evacuated some 190 people from a hospital that halted operations after water service in the city of nearly 120,000 people was knocked out by the storm.

As the water receded, Houston’s fire department said it would begin a block-by-block search Thursday of thousands of flooded homes. What had been their bedroom walls were being carried out, one soggy wheelbarrow load at a time.

“We’re having some issues with flooding on the Neches”, Orange County Judge Stephen Brint Carlton said.

As officials were only beginning to assess the widespread damage across the region and as rescue flights and boat missions continued through parts of the state, President Trump was expected to ask Congress to approve $7.8 billion for disaster relief in the coming days, and $6.7 billion more by the end of the month, White House officials said.

The water shortage could also cause the other Red Cross shelter, at Lamar University, to be evacuated in the coming days, Jourdan said.

Officials chose to let the remaining six containers catch fire and burn out rather than endanger firefighters, the US Environmental Protection Agency and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality said in a joint statement. There is no way to determine how long this will take at this time.

“We need immediately, right now, just for debris removal alone, anywhere between $75 million to $100 million”, Mayor Sylvester Turner told CNN’s “New Day” on Friday. Others said they have gone a week without clean clothes, showers or cooked meals. She went to the civic center shelter after her southern Beaumont apartment was flooded Tuesday.

Leaders at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital chose to remain open Thursday, but they put out a message that its emergency and trauma center will be open for only urgent cases and patients who are seriously injured, in order to be sure they have enough water for the 256 patients still at the hospital. A number of other prisons in the area have relocated their prisoners.

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The Marine Corps was to use a helicopter to get more supplies to the medical center Thursday night, Brady said.

Each mission, he said, proved startling. “We didn’t know that we would have to get them out of there while we were rescuing people out of 4 foot water”. “Every time we flew over a flooded area, I’d say the same exact thing to my crew: ‘Oh my God, this is insane'”.

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