Kanye West Takes a Dig at Taylor Swift With T-Shirt Logo

Last Monday, BeyoncĂ© also pledged her aid, telling The Houston Chronicle that “My heart goes out to my hometown, Houston, and I remain in constant prayer for those affected and for the rescuers who have been so fearless and determined to do so much to help”.

One of the more pointed complaints leveled against the polarizing pop star concerns her silence during the presidential election.

‘I just hope Taylor Swift didn’t made fun of Kim Kardashian’s robbery accident in her new music video!

The song also hit eight million streams on Spotify on its first day, one million more than former record-holder Ed Sheeran with his song “Shape of You”.

We probably don’t need to rehash all that drama yet again, but suffice to say, Kim probably doesn’t have any Taylor tracks on her listening device of choice. “But you’re not mad that Kanye has been very openly pro-Trump?’ I don’t understand that”. On social media, Kardashian West has been critical of Trump – including recently joking that her daughter North would be a better president.

West previously said he didn’t vote, but if he had, he would have cast a ballot for Trump. “All I know is that she has been nothing but a great person to me”.

Just a few days after the pop star released her song that appeared to blast both Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian for their extended feud with her, Kanye made a decision to copy a bit of her style to answer back. The imagery, costumes and elaborate sets are a Taylor Swift treasure hunter’s dream with references to her country music origins, high-profile celebrity spats and life under the media microscope. The “Straight Outta Oz” singer recounted watching “13th”, Ava DuVernay’s powerful Netflix documentary about the history of mass incarceration in the United States, with Swift’s family over the holidays.

To read Hall’s full interview, head over to Yahoo.

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